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Wells Richards


Dr. Cosgrove is motivated by a commitment to equip business owners, leaders, and executives with effective tools for success and accessibility to networking opportunities.  ​ Her journey includes transitioning from a single mother of four who was fired, to eventually buying the company that fired her.  ​ She has started several companies from the ground up and sold them.  ​ After serving thirteen years as CEO of the company that fired her, bringing on prestigious organizations such as the US Military, Dartmouth, Yale, University of Miami, Nova Southeastern University, University of South Carolina, including prestigious International organizations, such as Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre, Hospital de La Mujer, to name a few, uniquely qualifies her to now lead Nexus Network International, which not only provides resources to help business owners succeed, but also offers a path for earning an additional revenue stream.

Mark Mackie has worked at the highest levels of the federal government as both a lawyer and policy advisor.  ​ He served as Chief Counsel for the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules and advised members on matters before the Ways and Means Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. His public policy responsibilities included diverse issues such as national defense,  judiciary matters including constitutional law, banking and monetary policies, federal election law, and protecting the commercial interests of the Senate. He has advised some of most senior members of Congress including Senate party leaders. Mr. Mackie’s experience encompasses general business and commercial law, including litigation. He helps business owners with business formation, debt collections, construction law, real estate, and asset protection. He also assists with governmental contracts including businesses selling to the federal government as well as health care law and physician practice management including billing and collection matters.

Wells Richards has a passion for assisting people accomplish their goals by sharing knowledge from his successful entrepreneurial journey.  ​ Wells Richards started his first company at the age of 22, and since then he has started a total of 15 companies.  ​ He successfully sold 6, and he still owns 6 that are managed by professionals.  ​ Some of those companies are SIMOD Corporation, Southland Equipment, B&W Investments, GTS, AO Communications, Phoenix Asset Management, Canucanoe Cabin Rentals, NexTech Partners, SMC, Royal Capital, ComSources, Rising Sun Resolutions, The Crawdad Hole, HCWC to name a few.  ​ One of his companies was named #247 on the Inc. 500 and another was named in the Hot 100 by Entrepreneur Magazine.  ​ By the age of 30 he became a multi-millionaire, was able to take a sabbatical for several years and give back to various charities and mentoring people on achieving their own success.

Advisory Board



Glynn Hodges, Results Coach, is dedicated to transforming entrepreneurs, executives, and high-earning sales professionals, unlocking their potential for unprecedented success. With a passion for motivational teaching, he specializes in personal development and leadership. This is exemplified by his previous influential programs, "Motivation Here," and "Chattanooga Self Improvement Meetup," engaging remarkable guests who conquered adversity. With 14 years in sales management with a Fortune 100 Electrical Manufacturer, he transitioned to entrepreneurship, founding an International Executive Search Firm for 25 years. A University of Georgia Grady School of Journalism alumnus, Glynn's journey exemplifies his commitment to excellence and belief in human potential.




Marilyn left corporate America in 2008 to launch the quiet therapeutic revolution she now calls Helping Heal Hearts. Marilyn is a Functional Medicine Health Coach, Brain Health professional, Reiki Master Teacher and an inspirational speaker known to transform lives. Called “the quiet storm” by clients, she supports individuals of all ages to lead fulfilling and healthy lives with less stress and clearer purpose. Marilyn’s speaking engagements have included keynotes at schools, universities, corporations, and Healing Circle at Unity Church, as well as hosting podcast and television shows. She lives in New Jersey and loves to spend time in nature, traveling with her husband, and acting on stage.

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Since 1994, Gary Arblaster has lent his expertise to countless individuals, businesses, and organizations facing financial and leadership challenges. His systematic process to each challenge allows his clients to DISCOVER the areas that hinder growth & performance, ANALYZE the answers found within the weeds of discovery, and ADJUST their approach that enables them to spark the fuel for growth. As a financial keynote speaker and leadership trainer, Gary challenges his audiences to make it personal. His “Make it Personal” keynote messages and trainings teach audiences how to empower their own improvement through self-assessing, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. He not only unpacks how understanding yourself can improve relationships, communication, and finances at home but how providing personal growth training in the corporate setting can impact the entire team’s ability to communicate and connect to achieve peak performance. Whether it’s personal or corporate, better leadership equals better dollars.



Deep holds three Master’s Degrees; MBA from St. Joseph University, MS from Georgia State Univ. and MS from Agra University besides dozens of professional certificates. She has been studying personal growth and development for more than twenty-five years, and she is beyond thrilled to turn her passion into a business.  She is an intensely GROWTH, and RESULT oriented person who is passionate about helping others fulfill their dreams, to live an abundant and intentional life. ​ Saved by an Orphan in an accident that nearly took her life in 2000, her life’s-purpose is to give back to orphans globally by providing education, shelter, and entrepreneurial skills. She currently supports many children in India and US.   Deep is the founder of Self Image Academy, which currently serves clients in three continents and expanding.   As a mother of three young boys, wife, pharmaceutical professional and as a Mentor helping clients globally, balancing work-life-passion is the challenge she wakes up and looks forward to everyday.



Dr. Martin brings more than 30 years of business experience as an entrepreneur.  ​ He is passionate about helping business owners live to their optimal health in order to have the energy needed to run a successful business.  ​ Dr. Martin completed a four-year internship and residency program at Stanford University after graduating from the University of Utah School of Medicine. He has an impressive publication history. His publications can be found in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

Our Vision
Our vision is to transform communities, one business at a time, by empowering entrepreneurs for prosperity: building profitable ventures, creating jobs, and accelerate community transformation.
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Leadership Training
At Nexus Network International, we are committed to helping our members develop the skills they need to become effective leaders. Our leadership training programs are designed to provide practical, actionable insights that you can apply in your career.
Our Mission
Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs by forging vital connections with the resources, talent, and tools essential for their journey to success.
Marie Cosgrove
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Mision & Vision
Spirit of Giving: The act of giving strengthens relationships and trust. Giving fosters a cycle of generosity, leading to enhanced well-being and a sense of purpose. 
Love and respect all people, regardless of social status, or job title. 

People Focused: Prioritize the needs of others, and add value to others. 
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Lead with Love:

Integrity: Upholding honesty and ethical behavior in all business dealings, both internally and externally, to build trust and credibility.
Forever Student: Embrace lifelong learning. Continually grow as individuals to stay relevant in our careers and continue to grow personally and professionally. 
Adaptability: Embrace creativity and continuous improvement to foster adaptability in a rapidly changing world. 
Collaboration: Promote a culture of collaboration to encourage the synergy of people working together towards a common goal. 
Accountability: Holding individuals and teams responsible for their actions and outcomes fosters a culture of responsibility and excellence.
Transparency: Embrace the power of transparency in business and as a guiding principle. 

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Core Values
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