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Monday, March 4, 2024 12 PM Eastern Time

Pauline Victoria

Top Essential Strategies for Business Growth

Date: Monday, March 4,  2024

Time: 12:00 PM ET


Location: Virtual



Bio: Pauline Victoria is an Inspirational Thought Leader that offers transformational perspectives based on her unique experiences as a woman born without limbs.  Pauline understands her very different body stirs up curiosity and amazement, but she also truly believes that what you see in her already exists in you.  She is a reflection awakening your strength, your spirit and your power.  She is the founder of One Leg Up Productions, a company that motivates and equips impact-driven entrepreneurs to be successful in business and in life by applying her VISTA framework and releasing mental and emotional blocks through coaching, masterminds and retreats. She also produces and hosts The Small Victories Podcast and offers mindset and business strategies through her Facebook community, Made for More.

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